Vevor Chain Hoist Review

vevor chain hoist reviews



The V4 three-quarter-ton manual lever Vevor Chain Hoist Review seems to be a solid and reliable tool, based on the detailed inspection provided in the review. With a focus on key features and functionality, it appears to be a well-designed and durable hoist suitable for various lifting applications.

First and foremost, the reviewer praises the hoist’s overall appearance, noting the effort put into painting and finishing, which gives it an attractive and professional look. The spring lock feature on the chain ensures that it stays securely in place, even during bouncing or movement, which is a valuable safety feature. Additionally, the swivel mechanism on the hook allows for easy manipulation and rotation of the lifted object without the risk of binding.

The inclusion of a Ring Stop at the bottom of the chain is a thoughtful addition, preventing the chain from slipping out entirely and causing potential accidents. The reviewer also mentions the solid wrap of the chain, which adds to its security and reliability.

The hoist’s 10-foot chain length is suitable for various one-story applications and for lifting objects at different angles. The specifications marked on the handle provide peace of mind regarding its load capacity, ensuring it can handle the required weight.

The reviewer appreciates the long handle, which provides extra leverage for lifting heavier objects, and the inclusion of both forward and reverse options for easy operation.

The ratcheting mechanism, which can be easily switched to pull the chain through manually, is considered a valuable feature, particularly for emergency releases or when swift action is needed.

Furthermore, the reviewer highlights the slow and controlled movement, indicating a strong gear ratio that reduces the effort required when lifting heavy loads, ultimately promoting safety and efficiency.


the V4 three-quarter-ton manual lever Vevor Chain Hoist Review received a positive review for its design, safety features, and ease of use. The reviewer’s confidence in the hoist’s ability to lift a full 55-gallon drum further underscores its reliability and suitability for a range of tasks. Overall, it is a worthwhile addition to any workshop or industrial setting.

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