iroiro Premium Natural Semi Permanent Hair Reviews

Welcome back to iroiro Premium Natural Semi Permanent Hair Reviews  another hair-dyeing journey. Iroiro Premium Natural Semi-Permanent Hair Dye in Platinum was the color I chose to replace the last of my fading lavender purple hair with today.

My prior color’s fleeting brilliance, brought on by utilizing a semi-permanent dye, served as the catalyst for this shift.

This time, I wanted to camouflage my copper golden base and, when my natural hair grew out, create a stunning ombre effect. But first, let’s evaluate the state of my undercut, which you should know is a difficult procedure if you’ve ever grown one out.

Iroiro’s semi-permanent dye comes in a variety of hues, and I went with the light gray shade. It is vegan and cruelty-free, free of peroxide and ammonia, and contains coconut oil for additional moisture.

Simply squeeze the color onto your hair to apply this particular hair dye, and you’re ready to go.

Even though the application was quite simple, I must say that getting an even coat was somewhat difficult, especially for a layperson like myself. The dye’s semi-permanent nature is tolerant, though, as any little flaws can be covered up by the natural roots.

My porous hair immediately absorbed the colour, which is common for my hair type. I nearly used the entire tube to get complete coverage.

The cream-based recipe was mild, didn’t release any offensive odors, and didn’t irritate the eyes. I particularly liked that the semi-permanent dye recommends washing with cool water because hot water might hasten the fading process.

I told them a few details about my life and my prospective plans as I painted. We are all excitedly preparing for a summer of camping, boating, and bowling with the family.

In addition, we recently signed a season’s lease on a permanent campsite, a first for us. This year, I’m going to buy a lot of condiments and seasonings so I can clean the camper and get it ready for the upcoming season.

Regarding the dye outcomes, I must admit that I’m happy with the transformation.
I have a chic gray appearance thanks to the platinum shade, which I believe suits my skin tone.

The ombre appearance I was going for was made possible by the change from the darker roots to the lighter ends. However, I did see that the color occasionally appeared somewhat green, which wasn’t great.


iroiro Premium Natural Semi Permanent Hair Reviews . I had a happy hair makeover thanks to Iroiro Premium Natural Semi-Permanent Hair Dye in Platinum.
It’s a fantastic choice for individuals who like to experiment with vivid colors because it’s mild on the hair and makes alterations simple.
However, keep in mind that under certain lighting conditions, the hue may slant toward green.
Overall, I can’t wait to embrace this new style and all the adventures the summer has in store. Keep checking back for updates on my hair adventure!

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