Dr Andrew Jacono Reviews on Yelp Patient Experiences


Dr Andrew Jacono Reviews on Yelp, a dual board-certified facial plastic surgeon, is one well-known figure in the field of cosmetic surgery. However, beneath the well-groomed surface of his persona, there lies a maze of disagreements and unresolved matters that have scared both patients and critics. Now let’s examine a few Yelp reviews that clarify these points.

Alexia B’s Lip Lift Experience:

Alexia B talked about her experience following Dr. Jacono’s V-Y lip lift. She apologized, saying she wished she had read reviews earlier. She trusted Dr. Jacono’s assurances, but she ran across a few problems. Her upper lip swelled and became swollen, and there was a constant leakage of lymphatic fluid from the Y incision line. Her philtrum was also twisted and pulled downward, which hurt her lips and made it difficult for her to eat without piling up. This event highlights how crucial it is to carefully examine a surgeon’s background and accomplishments before deciding on surgery.

Laser Brow Lift Complications:

Another patient of Dr. Jacono’s who underwent a laser brow lift observed notable improvements to her appearance. She claimed that in order to keep her eyebrows in place, she needed to get Botox treatments every three months. In addition, her mouth’s surrounding skin seemed tugged, giving her face an uneven appearance. These post-operative consequences can be upsetting for patients, which highlights the need to choose a surgeon carefully.

Unsatisfactory Results and Revision Surgeries:

Unfavorable patient testimonials have surfaced, providing insight into actual encounters with Dr. Jacono’s treatments. These reports cover incidents of inadequate outcomes, the requirement for follow-up care, and worries over post-operative changes in face appearance. In order to rectify inadequate results, a few individuals were required to have revision procedures. These testimonies highlight the possible dangers and unknowns connected to cosmetic surgery.

Controversies Surrounding Surgical Techniques and Fillers:

Regarding his opinions on the usage of cosmetic fillers, Dr. Jacono has come under fire. Some contend that he supports a more natural look, while others think his approach can be unduly cautious. This dispute brings to light philosophical disparities in the realm of cosmetic surgery. Making decisions regarding surgical procedures requires having a thorough understanding of the philosophy and approach of the surgeon.

Qualifications and Training Standards:

The fact that Dr. Jacono is not classified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (ABCS) as a board-certified cosmetic surgeon is one of the issues involving him. This begs the question of what credentials and training requirements he has fulfilled in relation to other licensed surgeons. When thinking about cosmetic surgery, it is critical for patients to understand the credentials and training of the physician.


The Dr Andrew Jacono Reviews on Yelp and the controversy surrounding Dr. Andrew Jacono’s clinic highlight the importance of doing extensive research and giving facial plastic surgery decisions serious thought before proceeding. To make well-informed decisions about their cosmetic treatments, patients should obtain numerous perspectives and evaluations and be aware of the potential dangers and uncertainties connected with any surgical operation.

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