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Discgolfcourse Review Eagles Crossing, located in Hawk Point, Missouri, proudly claims the title of the most expensive disc golf course in the world. With construction costs running into the millions, one might wonder if the hefty green fee of $40 a day is justified. In this review, we’ll delve into the gameplay, the course’s amenities, and whether this high-priced disc golf experience lives up to the hype.

The Gameplay: Challenging and Iconic Holes

My journey at Eagles Crossing began on the championship course, where I set out to shoot even par. The course lived up to its reputation, offering a challenging layout that quickly put my skills to the test. The average score on the pro layout was multiple strokes above par, making it clear that shooting even par was no easy feat.

Despite a rocky start with a double bogey and a quadruple bogey, I managed to regain my composure and birdied a couple of holes. The Milli jumper, a signature move of mine, came in handy as I aimed to finish the front nine at just one under par, a significant improvement from my initial struggles.

However, the back nine didn’t go as smoothly as I’d hoped, and my dreams of even par were slipping away. The water hazard on hole 16 claimed my prized Raptor disc, adding to my frustration. By the end of the championship course, I was far from my goal, but I could attest that the challenge was real.

The Amenities: A Disc Golfer’s Paradise

Eagles Crossing stands out not just for its course but for the remarkable amenities it offers. The course provides golf carts for rental, a fully stocked Pro Shop with a variety of discs and essential gear, and a selection of food options. Additionally, there are comfortable cabins on-site, offering stunning views of the picturesque landscape.

The New Addition: Wild Times Course

Discgolfcourse Review Eagles Crossing recently introduced the Wild Times course, a brand-new addition that has yet to be explored by many. As a fortunate hotshot disc golf YouTuber, I had the exclusive opportunity to check it out. But rest assured, my review remains unbiased, as I refuse to be bribed.

The Wild Times Course: A Fresh Experience

The Wild Times course presented a unique challenge. My primary goal was to shoot even par, and this course seemed more forgiving than the championship course. I started with a few birdie opportunities but struggled to capitalize on them. While my performance through the first few holes was mediocre, I remained optimistic about the course.

The course gradually won me over as I approached its iconic holes. Hole 6, a 406-foot tunnel shot with daunting obstacles, stood out as one of the most memorable. Despite taking a bogey, the experience was thrilling. And I couldn’t ignore the “King of the Hill” hole, where you earn points based on how high you crest the hill—another unique and entertaining addition to the course.

As the round progressed, I faced challenges and made some lackluster shots. But the scenic beauty and creativity of the holes kept me engaged and eager to conquer each one.

Course Records and Rankings

Even though I didn’t shoot even par on the championship course, I did establish the course record despite the difficult task. The new Wild Times course caught my attention because the championship course has already been played by numerous disc golf enthusiasts and experts.

The Wild Times course offered a novel disc golf experience. Even though I didn’t even come close to meeting par here, setting the course record nonetheless felt like a victory. The golf course featured a well-balanced mixture of difficult holes, well-known course designs, and even some humorous features like the “King of the Hill” hole.

Regarding the J Millie rankings, Eagles Crossing deservedly wins a slot. It is deserving of a high ranking because of the attention to detail, the impeccable condition of both courses, and the distinctive features. On the J Millie scale, I’d give Eagles Crossing a strong 9.8 out of 10.


Discgolfcourse Review Eagle Crossing is more than simply an expensive disc golf course. For disc golf enthusiasts, the experience is thorough. The pricey green fee is justified by the challenging championship course, the alluring Wild Times course, and the first-rate amenities provided. Whether you play disc golf for leisure or for competition, Eagles Crossing is a disc golfer’s paradise worth visiting.

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