Coolina Knives Review

Hello everyone, it’s Mace Family Kitchen time again! This week, we’re exploring a set of Coolina Knives Review that was a nice friend’s present to us. With a straightforward request, our friend requested that we evaluate these knives and give our honest opinion while making it obvious that we are not being sponsored by anyone. Before we get started, we humbly ask that you press the like button, subscribe to our channel, and share this video with your friends because we’re doing this as a favour for a friend.

Exploring Kulina Knives: Unboxing the Blades

The knives mentioned are manufactured by Kulina. Given our family’s history and our current financial situation as a retired military family, this gift was an exciting opportunity. The request from our friend was straightforward: test these knives, observe how they function in an actual kitchen, and provide us with honest feedback. We were drawn to the unique packaging for these knives, which features beautiful drawings that have been charred.

First, we take out a sturdy, heavy knife that has been wrapped with care in canvas material. This knife has a sturdy feel to it, and its balanced handle makes it easy to hold. But we see that the bottom is not finished well, which could cause splinters. The thickness of the blade is approximately 3/8 of an inch.

While feeling slightly lighter, the second knife is nearly as substantial. Its handle is distinctive, and it comes with oil and a cover for the blade. Rust is avoided by this design decision. The wooden handle of the knife has a somewhat rough feel to it, but the manufacturing seems sturdy overall. Here, the blade is roughly 1/8 of an inch thick.

Testing the Blades in the Kitchen

To test them, we take the knives into the kitchen. The first knife shows signs of possible limitations as it finds it difficult to cut cold ribs. By comparison, the second knife shows off its exceptional sharpness by slicing tomatoes with ease.

Upon closer inspection, it is apparent that the second knife is more adaptable and might perform better in jobs like chopping meat, despite its larger size, making it less practical for daily usage.

Reviewing Kulina Knives: What the Website Says

We made the decision to visit the Kulina website to learn more details about these knives. According to consumer votes, it states that these knives are among the top five favorites. The handcrafted knives are reported to have blades that are absurdly powerful. They are made to be collectors as well as culinary appliances. Additionally, the company claims that these knives are ideal for cutting or butchering.

Verdict on the Two Knives

The first knife is presently on sale for $95, down from its regular price of $350. It is quite well-built, but it has a major flaw that makes it less useful: it doesn’t have a blade.

Normally $196, the second knife is currently on sale for $80. This knife is definitely worth the cost, even though, because it is hand-forged, it needs to be regularly oiled to keep rust from developing.

Awaiting More Knives and Future Reviews

The Mace Family Kitchen makes it clear that they are completely impartial in their reviews and that they are not endorsed by Kulina. After using the knives for six months, they intend to provide an update and will be examining three additional knives from the same manufacturer in the future.

What to Expect in the Extended Review


The Mace Family Kitchen recognizes the value of the second Coolina Knives Review but calls attention to the major flaw in the first one: it was missing a blade. They are eager to put more blades through testing and offer comprehensive feedback. So be sure to check back for their upcoming reviews to find out if adding these blades to their kitchen arsenal proves to be worth it.

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