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Here with me is Monica from the Cleburne Times Review and I’m Marie with the Burleson Area Chamber of Commerce Diplomats. We’re doing a quick snapshot, so allow me to briefly describe Cleburne Times Review and its fascinating past.

For almost 120 years, The Cleburne Times Review has been a dependable news source for Johnson County. We’re devoted to growing our presence in Burleson, especially now that the city doesn’t have a local paper of its own. I manage several special projects and the daily operations of the newspaper in my capacity as managing editor.

Over time, our magazine has changed. We currently release content three days a week, and you may obtain it through subscriptions, racks, or even an electronic edition through our user-friendly app. Because it only alerts you when the newest issue is available, the mobile app is the perfect companion for your morning coffee.

We also use social media Facebook is the platform on which we are most engaged.
On Twitter, where he covers regional athletic events, particularly those in Burleson and Centennial, our sports editor, AJ, has a sizable following.

The Johnson County News is a weekly newsletter we provide in addition to our main newspaper to inform non-subscribers about local events. In order to prepare visitor guides, we also work together with the Chamber of Commerce.

We take pride in our particular initiatives, such as the exhaustive football magazine the Johnson County Gridiron Guide, which is published each August. It will soon be available at nearby petrol stations and features all of the local football teams.

Our bi-monthly magazine, Community Life Magazine, publishes issues on a variety of themes. We honor the tales of the community, showcasing anything from women in leadership to weddings at the James Events Center in Joshua.

We present the Reader’s Choice or “Best of the Best” awards, which give local businesses that have been nominated an opportunity to shine. A thorough list of medical specialists in Johnson County can also be found in our Medical Guide.

Being a Chamber member gives us the opportunity to network at luncheons and Network at Night, as well as to participate in events like the Business Expo and create meaningful connections. We also organize an annual Older People Expo, which gives companies that cater to older people citizens a venue.

Although we’re determined to cover Burleson in greater detail, we also appreciate news tips, press announcements, and community information. Please feel free to contact with any contributions or ideas.

Thus, please think about advertising with us and subscribe to Cleburne Times Review. We really appreciate your support, and we are here to assist our community. May God bless you today!

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