Review Review Online shopping has grown in popularity in the current digital era due to its convenience and large selection of goods. But with so many e-commerce sites, it’s important to exercise caution when deciding where to shop. This evaluation will examine the relatively new online retailer to assess its reliability and whether or not it’s a secure location to make purchases.

Website Overview

An online retailer called makes the claim to provide a range of goods, such as apparel, accessories, and household items, at what looks to be reasonable costs. But there are a few warning signs that cast doubt on this website’s legitimacy. Let’s examine in more detail to see if it is a reliable website for your online buying requirements.

Website Legitimacy Checkpoints

Domain Age is a relatively recent player in the internet retail space, having launched in February 2023. A website’s age is frequently an important consideration because scam websites frequently arise, carry out fraudulent activity, and then vanish from sight.

Lack of Transparency

The proprietor of the website uses a common approach employed by unreliable websites: hiding their identity. Being transparent is essential to earning clients’ trust, and the lack of it casts doubt on the website’s credibility.

Suspicious Address’s “Contact Us” page offers a Columbia, Indiana residential address. Further research, however, reveals that this location does not have a directory entry for This discrepancy is a serious cause for concern.

Low Alexa Ranking

In light of its low Alexa score, this site seems to be lesser-known than other sites. While not definitive in and of itself, this is an additional aspect to take into account when assessing a website’s validity.

Dubious Shipping Practices

According to certain complaints, might use dishonest shipping methods. For example, they may deliver a shipment containing low-value items like face masks or inexpensive toys but still provide a tracking number for an order. This strategy might be used to trick payment networks into thinking that the order was delivered as promised, which would make it harder for clients to get their money back.

Consumer Complaints

Customers who ordered products from and never received them have complained to the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Furthermore, a lot of users complain about having trouble getting in touch with the website’s customer support—a problem that is frequently associated with phony online retailers.

Lack of Reviews

There aren’t many consumer reviews for is available on reliable review sites. It may be difficult to determine the legitimacy and calibre of the products sold on the website if there are no reviews.



It is advised to use caution when visiting due to the numerous warning signs and issues brought up throughout our evaluation. The evidence that is now available indicates that it might not be a reliable website for online buying, even though we cannot categorically declare it to be a fraud.

Take into account the following safety measures to guarantee a secure online purchasing experience:

Research the website and read customer reviews.

  • Make use of safe payment systems that provide dispute resolution, including PayPal or credit cards.
  • When visiting websites offering extremely low costs, proceed with caution.
  • If links in emails or social media posts take you to unidentified or dubious websites, don’t click on them.

In order to dispute the charges if you have already placed an order with and are worried about a possible scam, you must get in touch with PayPal or your credit card issuer. Making a report on the website to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) can also assist in shielding others from potential scammers.

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