Aspen Dental reviews


In this video, we will be discussing various Aspen Dental reviews from real patients. These evaluations vary from favorable to bad experiences and give insight into the level of care and service provided by Aspen Dental. Whether you’re contemplating Aspen Dental for your dental needs or simply curious about other people’s experiences, this video will give you useful information.

Positive Experience:
One patient shares their positive experience with Aspen Dental in Ashland, Kentucky. They highlight the promptness of service, professionalism, and how Aspen Dental helped when other dentists couldn’t. The patient expresses gratitude for the care received and considers Aspen Dental their new dentist of choice.

Negative Experience – Part 1:
Another patient recounts their negative experience at Aspen Dental. They discuss the high-pressure tactics they encountered during a routine teeth cleaning appointment. The patient felt that Aspen Dental was trying to upsell various dental procedures and felt uncomfortable with the approach.

Negative Experience – Part 2:
A different patient shares their frustration with Aspen Dental’s handling of their dental issue. Despite coming in with a specific problem, they were subjected to multiple exams, x-rays, and discussions about unnecessary treatments. They ultimately decided not to continue with Aspen Dental due to a lack of transparency and trust.

Negative Experience – Part 3:
One more patient describes a distressing visit to Aspen Dental, where their dental issue was not addressed as expected. They had to schedule another appointment for a procedure they originally sought. The patient expresses disappointment with the way Aspen Dental handled their case.

Advice for Future Aspen Dental Customers:
Based on the reviews and experiences shared, the video provides advice for future Aspen Dental customers. It emphasizes the importance of clarifying the office procedure upfront and being cautious about potential upselling. Additionally, it suggests seeking alternative dental options if necessary.

Aspen Dental reviews vary widely, showcasing both positive and negative experiences. Prospective patients should conduct thorough research and consider the feedback from other patients when deciding on their dental care provider. It’s essential to prioritize transparency, trust, and the quality of care when making such decisions.

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